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With the recent death of her mother, Sarah Smith now has the lives of Rachel’s “packages” in her hands. She must act today. Jim Baumgardner invites you to enter the 19th Century world of secrets and broken promises, runaways and slave catchers, colorful gypsies and noisy riverboats, and Granny. Although Granny’s hilarious dialect and lively antics are sure to keep you laughing, not all is happy. Emotions take a ride as Sarah’s big wish appears hopeless. But when life is at its darkest, the butterflies come!   [ Free audio download included with book ]



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Three months have passed since Sarah Smith escaped the ruthless hand of her relentless uncle, leaving him buried on the Kansas prairie. The brutal ordeal left her poisoned with hate. In The Making of a Spy: Sarah’s Quest, award-winning author Jim Baumgardner presents the brown-eyed beauty as never before. She’s fifteen and marrying age—but that’s the last thing on her mind.

Brilliant and courageous, Sarah draws the attention of the famous detective Allan Pinkerton. Follow Sarah through the shadowy world of detectives and spies; setbacks and heartaches; lies and deceit—and war. After two assignments in the East, a new mission from the agency and an offer from the Union army take her to the frontlines of a brewing Civil War in the Missouri Ozarks. There Sarah will meet Albert and Red, both determined to take care of her—whether she needs their help or not. Can Sarah overcome her raging hate for Uncle Rafe and distrust of men before it destroys everything, including her fragile new feelings? From promising detective to Union spy, is Sarah capable of meeting the challenge? It’s her grand opportunity, The Making of a Spy: Sarah’s Quest.


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