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The Prairie Rose

The Prairie Rose is a wonderful place to take your family. In the summer I help with youth day camps.

Here are J.W. Johnson, owner of the Prairie Rose Ranch, and Orin Friesen, bass player and head honcho of the Prairie Rose Rangers. Orin is a long time radio personality on KFDI in Wichita, and a neighbor of the Praire Rose.

Tina and Roani take a break from the wagon rides. 

This is the Wagon Room at the Prairie Rose. That old cowboy by the chuckwagon is the author of the Sarah Books.

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Old Cowtown Museum

Here I am on the steps of the Munger house. "...the home of Darius Sales Munger served as a boarding house, church, post office and public gathering place. This structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The home was built in 1868 and was Wichita’s first house with a shingle roof." (Old Cowtown Website)

The author in front of the Cowtown barbershop. On very hot days the barber would sometimes move his business outside.

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