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Homeschool Friends


In April, 2009 I attended the Southwest Home Education Ministry (SHEM) convention held in Springfield, Missouri. I met many wonderful folks, all interested in giving their children a good education. This was my third opportunity to offer my books as a vendor. Everyone treated me great. I had a terrific time telling folks about the Sarah books: Sarah's Wish, Sarah's Promise, and my latest novel, Sarah's Escape.  Many signed up for Sarah’s Web Newsletter, and guessed how many peppermints were in the big jug. Hannah Casertano had the closest guess and won a free copy of Sarah's Wish audio book. Thanks to everyone for your interest!

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Meet Munchkin, my new friend who loves Sarah. This homeschooler decided that she wanted to be Sarah for the fall festival at her church.  The theme was heroes.  Muchkin felt that Sarah was a great hero, and wanted to portray her in costume. I think she makes an excellent Sarah Smith.



This is Grace Wilcox with her award winning display at the Riley County, Kansas 4-H Fair. Grace received a purple ribbon and a reserve champion ribbon for her reading display about the Sarah books. Grace is one of the many talented homeschoolers who are fans of Sarah. Great job!


Rebekah Meinsen on the left and Tarah Whittaker are homeschoolers. Both girls own my books. Notice how happy folks are when they have read the Sarah books. 

Note: Please Check out Rebekah's Creation Chronicle Web page. She is the designer and one of the columists. It is quite amazing what she and her friends have accomplished. Click here:  The Chuckwalla Lizard  From this page you can click over to the animal page and then on to Home. Get ready for some interesting reading!

Homeschool Friends



Here I am with Sarah Storer, winner of the Name The Riverboat contest. She submitted the beautiful name: Anna Marie.  In my new book, Sarah's Escape, Sarah Smith takes the riverboat Anna Marie from Cincinnati, Ohio to Cario, Illinois. What happens on that journey down the Ohio River--well, I just can't say. Trust me, you don't want to miss it!



This is Mati Spencer. She didn't win the contest, but I did pick her name for one of the characters in my fourth book, The Making of a Spy--Sarah's Quest.  Mati will be quite important to Sarah in her next adventure.


Wow! More Friends!

Brainy Homeschoolers



From left to right: I am surrounded by Erin Keeley, Megan Brouk, Sara Schultz, and Bethany Sanderson. These four home schooled scholars are from the Sunflower State Scholars National Honor Society in Manhattan, Kansas. They presented me with a thank-you poster following my presentation on the Fundamentals of Story Writing.


Take my advice. Always surround yourself with smart people, it makes you look smarter.


Think It Over

What Do You Think?  Answers Below:

What's a hatchel?

In the Sarah books Sarah lives in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Who is the most famous person from Wapakoneta?

What famous lady sharpshooter was born southwest of Wapakoneta in Darke County?

What's an apothecary?

What was an orphan train?

Answers to the questions

Hatchel - It's a tool for combing wool or separating flax fibers. Granny tended sheep for years and knows how to use it.

Neil Armstrong - In 1969 he will be the first man to walk on the moon. Of course, that is over 100 hundred years in the future for me, but in the past for you.

Annie Oakley - She was born in 1860. Phoebe Ann Moses was her real name, but she became known as Annie Oakley when she began shooting her gun in competition. Her father died when she was very young, and when she could hold his gun she began shooting in the woods, bringing game back to her house for supper.

Apothecary - A 19th Century drugstore where medicines are compounded and dispensed. It refers to the druggist, also. Apothecaries sell other items in addition to the medicines, much like your 21st century drugstores. My mama, Rachel, bought her perfume at the apothecary.

Orphan Train - The first orphan train left New York City, September 1854. The children taken west from 1854 to 1930 ranged from true orphans to many that were turned out into the streets of New York because their parents could no longer afford them. You will read in the book that I am fearful of being put on an orphan train.

The Sarah books have glossaries in the front of each. Here are some sample entries:

High-falutin’- a person stuck on himself or herself, stuck up.


Light a shuck - leave in a great hurry.


Little end of the horn - getting or having less than expected.


Moses - Refers to Harriett Tubman. A slave, she escaped from Maryland to Canada in 1849 but returned to Maryland several times to lead others to freedom. For our story, her title is used symbolically of all the heroes, black and white, that entered the South and led slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad.


Mudsills - uneducated, lower class, common people.


Blue Norther—A weather front with bitterly cold winds racing out of the north accompanied by thick, bluish-gray clouds.


Buckra—A white man; on a slave plantation,the master.


Calaboose—A jailhouse.


Coffin, Levi—Known as the unofficial president of the Underground Railroad. He lived in Newport, Wayne County, Indiana. He moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1847 where he continued to help runaway slaves.


Corn-Crackers—People from the State of Kentucky.

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